Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Makeup - Fresh, Clean, Natural

Before I started this blog solely for my makeup business and hobby (always), I wrote this in my more personal blog. Check it out!

Cherish the Moments...: Makeup - Fresh, Clean, Natural:

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to work with a beautiful Model and a renowned Photographer to work on her headshots.  Nia is beautiful and had not worn makeup in four years.  Amazing, right?  I wish I can do that!  Anyway, I wanted to share a photo... just because I can and... why not?

As you can see, it is a light and natural look, but I must say that it is most difficult for me to achieve a natural and "barely there" look.  Fun eyeshadows and colors are easy to work with because if you "mess up" somewhere, you can turn around and make your mistake look like its intentional!  ;)  One of the most difficult part of doing a natural face is concealing.  We all have imperfections on our face somewhere (show me one person who doesn't have any and I will give you a hundred bucks!).  Dark undereyes, scars, scabs, discoloration... we all have one or the other.  I have all of the above!

I'm not going to post a "before" picture because... thats just mean.  Anyway, though my model was already beautiful, I had to prepare her for the crisp clear picture and the harsh lighting and such.  This was a test shoot (for me), so I can honestly say that I learned a lot from it.  I also confess that I haven't done very much work with people of her skin tone, so this was an awesome experience AND opportunity.  I cleaned up and shaped her eyebrows a tad and tried to keep the makeup light and enhance her eyes a tad bit but still try to keep it natural.  The eyeliner was a little bit stronger than I would have it if I was to do it all over again.  See?  Thats what test shoots are all about... to learn something about your work from your work. 

Foundation:  RCMA (cream formula - self mixed)
Blush: MAC in "Format"
Eyeshadow:  MAC & Smashbox
(combination of a few I don't remember names of... "Tempting" and others I used to crease, highlight, and blend)
Eyeliner:  MAC (fluidline in Blacktrack)
Mascara:  Maybelline "The Colossal Volum' Express"
Brushes: MANY!!  ;)

... more looks and work to come.  I don't want to post them all at once.  

Any requests on looks to show?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in Business!

Anyone who knows the least bit about me knows that I absolutely love makeup. There is no slight doubt about it. I think I actually bleed pink! (Please don't try to cut me just to test it out... just take my word for it)

I am happy and proud to announce that I am ready to take my love and passion to another level. I regret that I took quite a bit of time off as I was still questioning my own talent and abilities... I even turned down a few jobs that I was at first very excited about. I think I started getting self conscious and doubted myself after my commercial shoot last year (remember that?). Seeing all the supplies that the makeup artists on that shoot had was intimidating because I didn't have everything that they had. But now, I have learned and accepted the fact that my kit is an ongoing work in progress... it will continue to grow just as my skills shall. :)

Lately I have been fortunate enough to work as a makeup artist on a few different projects with other talented artists that I was able to learn a thing or two from. The knowledge and experience are priceless. During the process, I was reminded and just knew that I was doing something that I absolutely love. The look on my client's face after making them look even more beautiful than they already are makes me happy. When I can make someone feel beautiful and great about themself and help make their day just a little bit better, then I know that my job is done... that is what I strive for.

Anyway, I am currently trying to put my site back together (its been awhile). Ongoing process (like anything else of mine)... but its up there for now. Very basic and just wanted to show some of my work. Some of my paid work cannot be shared because the clients would rather not have their pictures posted due to copyright issues with the photographer (which is fine by me... just show me the money). I should really start taking pictures on my own during jobs, but time is so limited sometimes.

The newer pictures are more on the natural and casual side and most of the models are younger so its more age appropriate. I am looking to work on more creative, artsy, and dramatic projects. If any models and photographers are interested in collaborating, please contact me. :)


As you can see, it needs more work.

Oh... and I just booked another job for next weekend. Its going slowly but surely... I am so excited! Wish me luck please!

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