Thursday, January 13, 2011

The BEST Makeup Line? Eh...

Updates coming soon... I promise this time!

I just wanted to make a quick post about something thats been on my mind for quite awhile.  :)

Often times, people ask me what brand of makeup I use.  I can never come up with just one or two answers because that would be lying.  I use all different lines and kinds of makeup.  I still cannot think of one line that is good for everything.  If there was, then the other lines wouldn't exist, right?

Most people love the tried and true MAC.  I like MAC... but I don't love it for everything.  There are often times when my friends are convinced that the Makeup Artist who uses all MAC products is the best one to hire because this, to them, is "high quality".  Eh... its alright.  And if you think that MAC is expensive, then you are definitely in for a surprise.  MAC is actually one of the more inexpensive lines that I've worked with.  Quality is there... but it can also be found elsewhere.

Name one line, and I bet you that I have something in my makeup kit from that line.  Try me! 

Yes, you would want to have the best of the best when it comes to makeup, but you don't have to sell yourself short because you don't have the Chanel eyeshadows (which I dreamt of last night) or the Laura Mercier lipsticks. 

I truly believe that a great makeup artist can work with anything that they have.  Throw me a few Wet & Wild products or N.Y.C. lipsticks and I'll show you what can be done.  ;)

By the way... not to contradict myself, but most of the products in my kit are MAC.  Not because I think that its the best thing to have, but I did go through a few years of a MAC obsession and that was all that I would buy.  I know better now.  MAC, I love you... but I have to let you know that you are not the only one I love.


The Makeup Artist with the BIG Heart <3


  1. I'm the opposite. I have about 1 thing in my entire makeup inventory that is MAC, and it's a blush that's going on 6 years old. I should probably throw it away.

    I'm more of a drugstore type of gal, but I recently started loving Urban Decay and Stila more, and I want want want to love Tarte, but I just can't. My HG lipstick line is actually Revlon, and my HG mascara brand is Clinique. Laura Mercier lipsticks are amazing, but no one wants to shell out $22 for a tube each time...

    You already know I'm on the hunt for the best foundation brand.. and I still have yet to find it. I find NYX very high quality at a low price despite the packaging issues (the lipstick lids and the jumbo eye pencil covers crack pretty easily). And L'Oreal has decent color payoff in their eyeshadow quads. Rimmell has a decent foundation selection for beigey and pinky undertoned people, and a good line of interesting mascaras. My new HG crimp lash curler is a $15 curler by Tarte, not the $20 by Shu Uemura--and Tarte sells replacement curler pads for $1 on their website, whereas once you run out of the SU ones, you have to buy a whole new curler. WASTE!

    I think people need to rewrite their ideas of MAC being "high quality" because, while it is, it isn't for everyone. It made me break out terribly around my eyes and nose (studio fix and their compact cream concealer/foundation) and since then, I have avoided them like the plague other than their blot powder, which I use sparingly in lieu of Sonia Kashuk's translucent setting powder.


    In short: WORD.

  2. Girl... you know!!!

    I have a bazillion eyelash curlers... shelled out the money for the Shu Uemura a few times... bought a couple of the MAC ones. You know what I end up loving though? My Revlon one! LOL

    Like you, I tried to love Tarte, but I couldn't. I gave the foundation a go and it wasn't for me. Bleh. I do love Urban Decay! I am a huge fan of Benefit because everything that they have is just so cute and it makes me want to have everything they've got! I've gotta give more drugstore brands a go, but I just hate not being able to play with it before I buy... you know what I mean? I've tried all the mascaras known to mankind, I swear... The Diorshow is nothing compared to my beloved Maybelline Collasel or however the hell its spelled.

    You're absolutely right about MAC foundations not being for everyone. It made my sister break out too so its definitely common.

    I think most people believe that MAC is the sh*t because the makeup is LOUD and the artists usually always look good and its appealing. Lines like Lancome and Shiseido are more on the conservative side so its not as appealing to the young folks... but they all have their perks.

    Ahhhh... the dilemma of us beauty junkies! :D

  3. hello! something about you I like already, and ive only read one post! When I started my Makeup business, I debated if I should only use high end but like you and decided- whatever works!! There are plenty of low cost products that work AWESOME! So glad to meet you.
    Kerrie gorgeous-glamour