Monday, November 1, 2010

Models, I DO ADORE!

I just got a hold of some of the UNEDITED pictures from the photoshoot I did last week for Rachael's Spring 2011 collection.  I am so pleased at how these turned out... even when it has not yet been edited at all whatsoever. 

There are so many more cute clothes in her line and this collection in particular, but I really don't feel like posting ALL of the pictures here.  I will just wait until it is published somewhere and then I will link you there.  ;)

The models are so beautiful and fun to work with.  Can't wait to work with all of them again.  I especially can't wait to see the final product! 

Okay... sharing time!  :)

REMEMBER:  These are ALL unedited so the lightings and such might not be perfect, but its still fabulous!  :P

ADORE them!  :)


  1. Good job on the makeup. The models look great!

  2. Thanks! I wish we would have gotten closer pictures of the faces, but I knew this was a fashion shoot going in, so I am happy. :)

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  4. Thyda hi :)

    you are a Great Make Up Artist! you did great on these Models <3

    We can definitely recommend you to some of our clients!

    Ms Infante

    Ms Infante

  5. Thanks Ms. Infante! You have such a beautiful daughter and you are a great Momager! Keep me in mind for further projects... would love to work with you guys again! Take care!