Friday, October 29, 2010

Team Supastar!!!

Yesterday was amazing!  Earlier in the week, a designer that I was supposed to do makeup for LA Fashion Week contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing makeup for a photo shoot for her line sheets.  OF COURSE I was interested!

The Designer herself was incredible and such a pleasure to work with... and her clothes are just gorgeous... and oh so sexy!  The models were beautiful, which made my job extremely easy, and I was able to work with an amazing hair stylist.

I realized that I love doing what I do so much that it doesn't even feel like its work... but it is.  This was just another reminder that I am doing exactly what I have always wanted to do.  What's more rewarding is that I got to meet and work with some very talented people.

We got to see some of the pictures before I left, and I am so excited to get them and share with you all.  Ahhhh!  I know Photographers put in so much time and work in their art, but I just don't have enough patience to wait.  Eeeps!  Okay... I will have to wait because I know it will be worth it.

OH... and I am officially part of team SUPASTARRRRR!!  Whoot whoot...!

I was able to capture some pictures with my own camera and on my phone, but I think I should just wait for the REAL deal!



  1. Congrats!!! How fun and lucky!!! cant wait till u post some pics so i can see how everything came out! =)

  2. Thanks LOVE! I hope you can actually see some of my makeup work in the pictures, but I am still so glad that I did it. :D