Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LA Fashion Week was CANCELED

As most of you may already know, I was VERY excited for Los Angeles Fashion Week.  It was going to be my first ever Fashion Week to work on. 

Unfortunately, things didn't work out as planned.  My bookings for shows on Thursday, Wednesday, and Saturday night were for designers that was part of WCM (World Coast Management) were canceled.  You can read more here: - WCM LAFW Canceled

I was so heart broken, but was still excited for Friday evening where I would be doing makeup for another designer at a different location (W Hotel, to be exact).  Anyway, the night before the show, I got another sad email saying that the show was also canceled due to being unable to obtain permit from the LA Fire Department.  :(  I felt like I was getting shot at and just dodged bullets to survive.  Okay thats a bit dramatic, but I was really really sad.

I guess it didn't work out so well for LA Fashion Week this season, but better luck next season. 


Thank goodness I still had photoshoots lined up for that Sunday though or else I would have been really sad.  Hopefully I will get those pictures from those photo shoots soon and I can share them with you lovelies here.

Okay that's all.  I just wanted to update anyone who is interested and curious why I didn't post anything up from LA Fashion Week.

Hugs and Kisses!

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