Friday, October 1, 2010

Makeup - Young & Youthful

Whenever I am doing a young girl's makeup, it is so important for me to keep her youth and not go over the top with the "look" that I am giving or trying to achieve for her.  Whenever I feel that a model is more on the younger side, I tend to ask her how old she is.  In this photoshoot, the director wanted her to look young and fresh (as she is). 

What I did was conceal any "imperfections" (I hate that word) such as undereye circles and blemishes... without hiding her sweet freckles.  I hate sticking to only one color of concealer because no one's face is completely one color.  I almost always custom blend any foundation to fit my clients (again, I don't think its possible to have one color to suit each person I may work on)... so thank goodness for multiple colors that I can play with.  I also gave her cheeks a subtle peachy pink color with a bit of highlight at the top of her cheekbones and a soft stroke or two of bronzer at the hollow of her cheeks.  For her eyes, I wanted to make her pretty blues pop, so a shimmery light gold color at the inner corner of her eyes was what I chose.  After the foundation and concealers, we tend to lose a little depth in the eyes, so I used a light brown to bring back that depth.  I wish I remember what exact colors I use, but in such a rush, I don't usually pay attention to the name of the colors like most, I just try to find what looks good and move on (since we were in a time crunch).  Since I didn't give her eyes too much color, I figured that the pink lips would give her lips a slight pop... and it did.

Note:  It is so important to fill in eyebrows because it really defines the eyes and the face... especially when in harsh light (such as for a photoshoot).  It might look a bit harsh and dramatic in natural light, but trust that if you don't fill it in, your eyebrows will look thinned out and sometimes barely there if you don't fill it in.  But do NOT go overboard... no sharpie looks, please.

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