Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Soft & Pretty!

My next model is a young lady who has big beautiful eyes that I loved working with.  She is blessed with the most gorgeous long lashes I've seen in awhile.  Since she is so young, I didn't want to mess with her natural full eyebrows (which I love) too much... I liked how you can see that they were naturally kept.  She has beautiful thick hair which I attempted to put into a loose fishtail braid.  The layers made it a bit difficult, but it worked.  Such a natural beauty, I wanted to keep her look soft and pretty. Personally, I love the lip color I used.  It was a mixture of a few different colors that I had... and this is exactly why I don't stick with just one lipstick at a time.  Mixing and experimenting is more fun and I am pleased with my outcome.  Same goes for the cheeks.  Its normal to love your own work, right?  :)


  1. Gorgeous makeup! You should do YouTube guru videos, too!

    Her photo would be even more beautiful if her posture were better. But the makeup is amazing!!!!

  2. Thanks Mae! I am so camera shy... or I feel silly talking to myself on camera. I've thought of it though... many many times. Its not the same doing makeup on yourself and on others. I wish models were more comfortable with me taping them! HAHA