Wednesday, October 20, 2010

All the FUN is Backstage... really!

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to work with some amazing Makeup Artists in downtown Los Angeles.  We worked on a theatrical fashion show, which turned out to be FABULOUS!  I cannot wait to get the pictures from the show to share with all of you. 

One of the most rewarding things about being a Makeup Artist is meeting and working with people who share the same passion as you.  Each one of these artists and I met for the first time backstage, and we just had SO much in common and to talk about.  We even had some down time to be silly and have a little fun.  Here are some of the pictures of us backstage.  I wish I could have taken more pictures, especially of the models, but working on a runway show, there is no such thing as time to take pictures of and/or with the models because our focus and attention is 100% on getting the job done.  There is no time out card or redo... its intense, crazy, and I love it! 

When I first walked in, there were about 30 makeup artists from a makeup school.  Boy, was I intimidated because I never went to makeup school.  After talking to some of them though, it was their first makeup gig, so I felt a little bit better about not having the background they did because I have experience to compensate (I think).  I must say though, that all of their skills were superb!  Lucky for me, I was one of the four makeup artists chosen to work upstairs... backstage during the show.  That means we were the chosen ones to do the harder work... the transition of about 7 or 8 looks between 40+ models within a two hour show.  Gosh... that was probably the most intense two hours of my life.  I loved the rush of it all though... and I definitely want to do it all over again.  Runway makeup is a challenge, but I love the adrenaline rush and I am up for that challenge!  :)

Oh... the glamour of BACKSTAGE! Haha...!
I need to go find me one of these hats. SO adorable!
Definitely need to start my own wig collection. They are SO fun!
"MJ! Can I have some lipstick too?" - haha thanks girl!
Showin' off our pretty lip colors... and hair colors too!
Hard at work... but it doesn't even feel like work!

Serious business. Look at that concentration! HAHA
With one of our beautiful models... the Queen. Her dress was so awesome... pure leather and it was so heavy! LOVE it!
Had to take a picture with one of the Hairstylists... thanks for my braid!
US with one of the best Makeup Artists in the area... Eric!


  1. I love all of this!!

    Mae Lu, thereafterish.

  2. You're diggin' my wig, aren't you? HAHA... *hugs* Thanks mama!

  3. Thanks J.R.!! Haven't seen you around here in awhile! ;)